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How Healthy is YOUR Cash Flow?

When employees want their paychecks, the mortgage needs to be paid, and your inventory bills are due, can you easily write the checks?

When a business opportunity knocks, can you quickly respond? Or does your competition benefit from your lack of cash flow?

Do your everyday operations suffer because your efforts are concentrated on crisis management? Is your company moving forward or are you just treading water?

Are Your Business Goals Strapped Because of Lack of Funding?

How much time do you waste scrambling to collect money on current invoices in order to meet your financial obligations?

Are you delaying or canceling much-needed capital improvements or large purchases?

Can you financially fulfill the dreams and aspirations you have for your business?

How Can YOU Create and Maintain a Healthy Cash Flow?

NowApproved.com, an organization specializing in funding businesses, recognizes the importance of your obtaining funding – quickly.

NowApproved.com provides unique, creative solutions and funding sources with flexible financing so you can achieve your business goals. 

NowApproved.com knows how to help you develop the strategies and action plan you need to obtain your financing. 

How Can You Have a Successful Business Without a Healthy Cash Flow?

Some entrepreneurs claim that a healthy cash flow is even more important than a business’ ability to deliver its goods or services. Why?

If a company fails to satisfy a customer and looses that customer’s business, it has to work harder to satisfy the next customer. 

However, if a company fails to have sufficient cash to pay its employees, suppliers and creditors now,
they are out of business.

Every business needs money! NowApproved helps you obtain that money!

NowApproved.com Customizes Solutions to Your Cash Flow Needs

Entrepreneurs use NowApproved.com vast financial resources to

  • address their financial problems

  • operate more efficiently

  • expand more effectively

In other words, NowApproved.com fuels the growth of your business so it flourishes and prospers.

   Specifically, NowApproved.com

  • reflects complete honesty and openness in all communications with you

  • provides immediate responses to all of your needs and questions

  • maintains every speck of your personal information in total confidentiality – from either your friends or enemies. Only those involved with your potential financing have access to your information, and only when necessary in order to serve you.

  • your name and information will never be sold or leased to others.
    This is our guarantee to you!

What services does NowApproved.com provide that no other company can match?

  1. Our first priority is truly understanding your particular financing requirements, short-term as well as long-term.

  2. We are sensitive to the day-to-day pressures that your business faces, and we recognize the importance of your obtaining funding – quickly.

  3. We develop the strategies and action plans to facilitate a cost-effective method for you to obtain your financing.

  4. Our creative and innovative problem-solving approach enables us to offer flexible solutions that not only meet your immediate financial needs, but your future needs.

  5. We develop a one-on-one communication with you that will serve you as you lay a strong financial foundation and grow strong on it. 

Why don’t entrepreneurs always use commercial banks?

  • Commercial banks are highly regulated, which means they are limited by stringent loan criteria.

  • Commercial banks cannot provide the wide array of financing solutions provided by NowApproved.com.

  • We do what commercial banks cannot do: get you funding when you do not meet all of their stringent qualifications.

So what does NowApproved.com really do?

We provide creative financial solutions.

Our funding sources provide the flexible financing you need so you can achieve your business goals.

We help you build the financial strength of your company so you can qualify for traditional bank financing when you wish.

Our recognized financial expertise has allowed us to develop working relationships with a wide array of funding sources. This means we can take your business to the next level.

We help you have a Healthy Cash Flow!

What can you use the money for that our programs provide?

For whatever your company needs to move it forward!!!

Which of the following are meaningful to your success?

Do you want to:

  • Kick-start your business?

  • Address a cash flow crisis caused by seasonality peaks and valleys?

  • Recover from a series of financial challenges?

  • Increase your sales?

  • Expand your business?

  • Finance your business’ growth?

  • Obtain the best trade terms from your suppliers?

  • Take advantage of trade discounts and special pricing terms that cannot be obtained without quick payment?

  • Seize business opportunities?

  • Free up your bank credit facilities?

  • Improve your Credit Rating?

  • Grasp market opportunities?

  • Enhance your overall corporate growth?

  • Increase your profit margins through greater sales volume?

  • Pay off all back taxes?

  • Pay off or restructure your current obligations?

What are YOUR unique Cash Flow needs? Let us know so we can help!

Just E-mail us at CashFlow@NowApproved.com

Here are some areas our current customers are receiving help in:

  • Accounts Receivable Financing, including Factoring of Accounts Receivable, Medical Receivables, Construction Receivables and Government Receivables

  • Secured Lines of Credit

  • Equipment Leasing

  • Floor Plan Financing

  • Inventory Financing

  • Purchase Order Financing

  • SBA Loan Programs

  • Women and Minority Owned Business Programs

  • Financing International Trade – Import and Export 

The extensive resources and experience of NowApproved.com provide you with maximum financial leverage, plus

  • Financial solutions tailored to your business’ requirements

  • Strong financial resources

  • Competitive rates

  • Fast and efficient response to loan requests

  • Close client relationships

NowApproved.com has the resources and expertise to handle all of your business financial needs – to provide the crucial Cash Flow that you need.

Our financing solutions include the vast arrays of both:

  • Asset Based Lending and 

  • Working Capital Financing

NowApproved.com works with companies doing business in virtually all commercial endeavors. Therefore, when you are looking for funding your company’s growth, there’s only one place to turn – NowApproved.com!

Specializing in Asset Based Capital from $10,000 to $5 Million, NowApproved.com has the resources and expertise to handle your financing needs!

  • Let us help solve YOUR financing challenges! 

  • Let us help provide a Healthy Cash Flow!

You are under no obligation when you contact us for further information. We sincerely would like to provide answers to any questions you might have.

If you truly want a Healthy Cash Flow, e-mail us at


Your greatest risk comes from ignoring your Cash Flow challenges!

A more detailed explanation of your financing options is provided in the book, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Prosperity -- Financing Your Small Business, by Morris Bocian.

NowApproved.com has working relationships with many sources that are highly trained 
to help entrepreneurial businesses of all sizes

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